Snake Jump History

Snake Jump was created by necrosaro in the early 2000s, and racked up millions of plays while at It was inspired by Sunflat's Papijump, which was later brought to iPhone and Android.

After leaving the domain name, we decided Snake Jump could use a reboot, rewrote it in Flash, and gave it its own site. We hope you enjoy playing!

If you'd like to get in touch, send an e-mail to

Play Tips

  • Check out the high scores page and watch replays of the best jumpers - you'll learn a lot from watching what they do.
  • You're always safer when the snake is high on the screen, because you'll have more options.
  • The platform generation algorithm attempts to be fair; in fact, it's even more fair than it was when the game lived at In particular, that means two things:
    1. It will never generate platforms that can't be reached from an existing platform
    2. When it's time to generate a platform, if any platforms on the screen are "dead ends" (meaning if you jumped to them you wouldn't be able to reach any other platforms) the algorithm will place the next platform at a height that is reachable from that "dead end"
    I'll leave it to you to figure out what that should tell you about how to play...suffice it to say, knowing those rules does make the game a bit easier, as you can guess where some of the future platforms will be placed.

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