In total, 1937 hours, 47 minutes, and 2 seconds have been wasted playing 505629 games of Snake Jump, and 5709877 platforms have fallen to their doom. But 36803690 platforms were left standing, so there's still plenty of work to do! Assuming most people play on a monitor with a resolution of 72 dpi, our snake has jumped more than 558 miles!

High Scores (All-Time)
1Oscar154295Watch Replay
2Oscar147069Watch Replay
3Oscar127696Watch Replay
4Oscar124846Watch Replay
5Lex116918Watch Replay
6Oscar115674Watch Replay
7Lex114577Watch Replay
8Oscar114187Watch Replay
9Lex113910Watch Replay
10Oscar112876Watch Replay
11Oscar111539Watch Replay
12Oscar110407Watch Replay
13Oscar103918Watch Replay
14Vonk99031Watch Replay
15Vonk FLD98985Watch Replay
16Oscar98445Watch Replay
17Oscar98290Watch Replay
18Lex98285Watch Replay
19Lex97983Watch Replay
20Lex97824Watch Replay
21Tez96678Watch Replay
22Oscar96179Watch Replay
23Lex96024Watch Replay
24Oscar95890Watch Replay
25Oscar95334Watch Replay
26Lex94752Watch Replay
27Oscar94712Watch Replay
28Tez94306Watch Replay
29Oscar94189Watch Replay
30Lex93747Watch Replay
31Oscar93047Watch Replay
32Vonk92443Watch Replay
33Oscar90692Watch Replay
34Alex FLD90082Watch Replay
35Lex90033Watch Replay
36Lex89924Watch Replay
37Lex89909Watch Replay
38Oscar89571Watch Replay
39Oscar89425Watch Replay
40Lex89019Watch Replay
41Vonk88824Watch Replay
42Oscar88823Watch Replay
43Lex88321Watch Replay
44Oscar88279Watch Replay
45Lex88168Watch Replay
46Lex88148Watch Replay
47Lex87801Watch Replay
48Lex87796Watch Replay
49Oscar87720Watch Replay
50Oscar87699Watch Replay
51Lex87153Watch Replay
52Oscar87134Watch Replay
53Lex87110Watch Replay
54Tez87101Watch Replay
55Lex87004Watch Replay
56Lex86997Watch Replay
57Lex86980Watch Replay
58Oscar86400Watch Replay
59Alex FLD85991Watch Replay
60Vonk85889Watch Replay
61Lex85856Watch Replay
62Oscar85851Watch Replay
63Oscar85693Watch Replay
64Lex85403Watch Replay
65Lex85366Watch Replay
66Lex85349Watch Replay
67Alex FLD85228Watch Replay
68Lex85126Watch Replay
69Lex85092Watch Replay
70Oscar84875Watch Replay
71Oscar84712Watch Replay
72d money84697Watch Replay
73Oscar84685Watch Replay
74Oscar84627Watch Replay
75Vonk FLD84540Watch Replay
76Oscar84535Watch Replay
77Lex84074Watch Replay
78Lex83990Watch Replay
79Oscar83520Watch Replay
80Oscar83455Watch Replay
81Oscar83449Watch Replay
82Lex82913Watch Replay
83Tez82829Watch Replay
84Alex FLD82761Watch Replay
85d money82293Watch Replay
86Tez82263Watch Replay
87Lex82237Watch Replay
88Oscar82205Watch Replay
89Oscar82113Watch Replay
90Lex81683Watch Replay
91Vonk FLD81656Watch Replay
92Oscar81631Watch Replay
93d money81585Watch Replay
94Lex81584Watch Replay
95Tez81550Watch Replay
96metukka81533Watch Replay
97Lex81171Watch Replay
98Lex81115Watch Replay
99Alex FLD81043Watch Replay
100Oscar80988Watch Replay
High Scores (Past Week)
1Oscar66874Watch Replay
2nn41591Watch Replay
3nn23724Watch Replay
4nn19535Watch Replay
5nn18542Watch Replay
6nn18188Watch Replay
7nn16739Watch Replay
8Paul16171Watch Replay
9master14822Watch Replay
10nn14796Watch Replay
11nn14615Watch Replay
12nn13499Watch Replay
13nn13326Watch Replay
14puthjattande12960Watch Replay
15nn12486Watch Replay
16BradyJay12390Watch Replay
17nn12303Watch Replay
18Paul12152Watch Replay
19fat12102Watch Replay
20nn11870Watch Replay
21oyoon11801Watch Replay
22oyoon11380Watch Replay
23oyoon11373Watch Replay
24nn11180Watch Replay
25oyoon11141Watch Replay
26oyoon11125Watch Replay
27nn10976Watch Replay
28nn10836Watch Replay
29nn10190Watch Replay
30nn10149Watch Replay
31lol10050Watch Replay
32DADA JI MAHARAJ9959Watch Replay
33oyoon9916Watch Replay
34longnailsaarondeep9840Watch Replay
35Radha soami ji9791Watch Replay
36nn9717Watch Replay
37master9709Watch Replay
38oyoon9690Watch Replay
39Sardara9658Watch Replay
40BradyJay9522Watch Replay
41nn9466Watch Replay
42LIKAS0MB000000000DIE9450Watch Replay
43longnailsaarondeep9360Watch Replay
44nn9349Watch Replay
45nn9291Watch Replay
46nn9216Watch Replay
47BradyJay9090Watch Replay
48Oscar9044Watch Replay
49oyoon8926Watch Replay
50nn8825Watch Replay
51nn8801Watch Replay
52chloe8799Watch Replay
53ray8770Watch Replay
54jkl8739Watch Replay
55DADA JI MAHARAJ8490Watch Replay
56oyoon8400Watch Replay
57UGOTNOFANS8160Watch Replay
58BradyJay8067Watch Replay
59nn8066Watch Replay
60oyoon7992Watch Replay
61oyoon7830Watch Replay
62master7813Watch Replay
63UWANTSUM7800Watch Replay
64nn7734Watch Replay
65lol7650Watch Replay
66oyoon7650Watch Replay
67Sardara7590Watch Replay
68Qasim7470Watch Replay
69bob7427Watch Replay
70FleXBlaZe7410Watch Replay
71MR ALIIIII7380Watch Replay
72Qasim7380Watch Replay
73Sardara7290Watch Replay
74Sardara7290Watch Replay
75Aarondeep soami ji7262Watch Replay
76longnailsaarondeep7230Watch Replay
77Aarondeep soami ji7230Watch Replay
78BradyJay7175Watch Replay
79Anonymous Snake7158Watch Replay
80nn7151Watch Replay
81DADA JI MAHARAJ7145Watch Replay
82Qasim7130Watch Replay
83Sardara7067Watch Replay
84nigger7031Watch Replay
85oyon6842Watch Replay
86Aarondeep soami ji6801Watch Replay
87oyoon6756Watch Replay
88BradyJay6754Watch Replay
89oyoon6589Watch Replay
90oyoon6532Watch Replay
91Anonymous Snake6519Watch Replay
92Anonymous Snake6510Watch Replay
93lol6500Watch Replay
94lol6498Watch Replay
95Qasim6396Watch Replay
96Sardara6376Watch Replay
97Aarondeep soami ji6360Watch Replay
98Qasim6308Watch Replay
99Sardara6300Watch Replay
100Anonymous Snake6300Watch Replay
High Scores (Past 24 Hours)
1master14822Watch Replay
2master9709Watch Replay
3master7813Watch Replay
4master5249Watch Replay
5master3030Watch Replay
6master780Watch Replay
Distribution of Scores

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